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Modern Contemporary Architecture

CWA is an architectural practice committed to providing design excellence in everything we do, big or small. Since being established in 2004 CWA has strived to develop a discipline focused on iconic innovative solutions with enduring and inspiring qualities. Key aspects rigorously explored in our approach are:

-       Integration of ESD sustainable principles into the fundamentals of the design solution
-       Identification and optimisation of construction, financial + design constraints into a cohesive outcome
-       Constant research and development seeking precise solutions to the clients requirements and site conditions
-       Striving to capture a sense of place, a belonging, an expression of our contemporariness


CWA considers designing a collaborative process. Working closely with stakeholders, consultants and contractors we procure projects that fulfill and exceed expectations. With a hands on proactive leadership team who oversee the whole design and construction process from workshops / master planning through to detailed documentation we deliver on time and on budget. The collective specialised experience of our senior staff allow CWA to provide cutting edge design expertise for the following :


-        University projects and new learning environments
-        Cultural projects
-        Civic and public buildings
-        Healthcare and hospital facilities
-        Commercial offices
-        Higher education and training facilities
-        Urban design projects
-        Residential projects
-        Resorts & Multi-residential projects
-        Development yield studies / masterplanning
-        Research facilities and specialist laboratories
-        Interior architecture
-        Hospitality


Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) is defined as;

“Development that uses, conserves and enhances the community’s resources so that ecological processes, on which life depends, are maintained and the total quality of life, now and in the future, can be increased.” 

Architecture faces a number of future challenges when expressing and responding to the ever changing environment both from a climatic perspective and technological advancements. Through Collaborating with engineers and specialist consultants CWA helps to realise our clients aspirational goals for these challenges by implementing strategies early in the design process. Principles of our environmental design solutions which are considered through the life cycle of the building include:

-         Carbon footprint
-         Water usage and storage
-         Building heating and cooling
-         Interface and impact to site
-         Energy creation and usage
-         Future proofing for adaptation

Our approach to design and integration of our ESD strategies have acquired CWA a unique recognition in Australian Architecture with a number of world class buildings. These striking buildings not only demonstrate a concise understanding of the extreme yet sensitive climatic conditions of the tropics, but are an embodiment of our approach in seeking innovative and inspiring outcomes. This reputation is further enhanced through extensive national and international publications of projects.

As a national and international design practice, CWA is committed to constant research and development in all projects undertaken. We seek to innovate, inspire and deliver exemplar world class architecture across a range of scales that express and respond both climatically and culturally to our built environment.





Charles Wright leads a contemporary design practice with offices in Melbourne Victoria and Port Douglas Queensland. He possesses award winning major project experience. Working at the forefront of environmentally sustainable design (ESD), he is an architect with specialist technological capabilities to develop iconic and sustainable solutions to complex problems.

As director of a well established architecture firm utilising cutting edge technical & specialist resources, Charles is able to provide the highest level of service and attention to deliver a world class sustainable outcomes. With multi-award winning experience combined with national and international publication CWA are widely recognised as one of Australia’s leading architecture firms.  

With over 20 years of experience, Charles will be the main point of contact for all projects and will personally lead all facets of the design and documentation. He will make sure that all aspects of the design are adequately understood by clients, consultants and managing contractor.  He will ensure that the building is appropriately benchmarked in regard to standard of facilities, ESD initiatives as well as cost. Charles has been able to consistently achieve a high standard of excellence and will add tremendous value with a “hands-on” approach to any project.




Modern Contemporary Architecture

Incorporating Modern and Contemporary Architecture Into Your New Home

Although building your home from scratch is a demanding endeavour, living in your dream space is worth the time and effort involved. A well-designed home is a pleasure to invite your guests into and can positively impact your mood and lifestyle. Charles Wright Architects is a modern and contemporary architecture practice directed by contemporary architect Charles Wright. Our award-winning practice has designed numerous unique homes in Australia using cutting-edge technology and sustainable building practices.

Reasons to Hire an Architect to Design Your Home

Once you’ve acquired the property you would like to develop, you may be asking yourself, “Do I need to hire an architect to build a house?” The short answer is yes. To create a truly unique, well-designed home with custom details and personal touches for you and your family, you need an architect’s professional advice. Here are some reasons why you should work with an architect on your residential project.

  • Improved design quality. Architects offer a professional service backed by years of education, creativity, and design experience. Hiring an architectural team to design your luxury home results in refined design solutions that convey a cohesive concept throughout the project. Architects approach the design as an artistic expression and can help you build an iconic home.

  • Project management. Many contemporary architecture firms take on the responsibilities of project coordination and management. Building a house involves complex processes and collaboration with numerous consultants and contractors. An architect can help you negotiate with engineers, builders, and your local building council.

  • Finishes and details. Architects ensure that everything is thoughtfully designed throughout your luxury home, from the grand entrances to the handles on your cabinets. They can suggest the best materials to suit your needs for each space, such as floor finishes, paint specification, and hinges and locks on doors. Durable finishes add monetary value to your luxury home.

  • Sustainability. Designing contemporary and sustainable architecture is a trend that adds value to your residential project. Architects are aware of the building materials and best practices required to build an eco-conscious home. There are guidelines for sustainable design, and your architect can help you achieve higher ratings on eco-credentials with careful design.


What to Consider When Building a House

Choosing to build your house is an exciting step towards owning a unique home that is enjoyable to live in and a valuable asset. There are many processes involved in constructing a new residential project and successfully designing a piece of contemporary architecture. Our architects offer the following considerations for potential home builders.

  • Location. The first step is acquiring property for development, and choosing your site is crucial to the success of your project. Choose the property for your new home by imagining your life in the area. Does the neighbourhood offer amenities that suit your lifestyle, and what is the nature of the surrounding architecture? How developed is the area, and how extensive will the sewage, water supply, and electrical works be?

  • Construction budget. How much does it cost to build a luxury home in Australia? The answer depends on many variables, including the size of the building, the type of construction, the finishes, and the timeframe of the project. Consider the building cost per square metre in your budget, the cost of labour, and the design and drafting costs to create a basic budget estimate for your project.

  • Building laws. There are construction laws and limitations that may affect your building project, and they differ by area. Make sure you understand the zoning of your property and ensure that you can build a residential home on the stand you buy. Check for height restrictions, environmental protection factors, fire ratings, and historical considerations at your local council.

  • The natural environment. Consider your natural surroundings in the vision for your contemporary architecture. Buildings can either compliment or contrast the existing landscape on their site. Consider what you will do with the trees and plants on your property before you build your house and how sustainable materials, and alternative energy sources can help you create an eco-friendly home.

Contemporary Design and Architecture Inspiration From Charles Wright Architects

We enjoy designing unique homes and sharing our creativity with others. We aim to offer architectural inspiration for your new home, and we welcome you to explore our gallery of residential projects. Here are some of the ways we incorporate contemporary architecture in a house and how you can achieve a modern looking home with us.

  • Form and shape. We employ striking forms and unique shapes in our residential expression of modern and contemporary architecture. The shapes we use often respond to light and views to maximise the natural sunlight in your home and create interesting spaces of light and shadow.

  • Outdoor spaces. Many of our residential projects are set in lush landscaping, and we enjoy bringing the outdoors into the living areas of a home. Our designs offer homeowners the opportunity to enjoy the abundance of nature and wildlife Australia offers from the comfort of their pool deck or patio.

  • Sustainability. Our team strives to incorporate sustainable architecture in every project. Our luxury homes employ alternative building, heating, and cooling systems, water storage, and waste management to reduce your carbon footprint as a homeowner. We are passionate about providing eco-conscious building solutions.

  • Facades. Our practice creates unique facade systems for every home that convey the overall design concept and bring your vision to life. We often draw inspiration from the surrounding nature on your property to create interesting architecture that complements its context.


Why Choose Charles Wright Architects to Design Your Home

Charles Wright Architects is an award-winning practice of contemporary architecture and design. We have over twenty years of industry experience, and we are passionate about designing world-class buildings and homes. We value innovation and technology, and we are committed to constantly improving our knowledge and offering inspired design solutions using the latest technology. Email us for more information.

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