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High-End Residential Architects

Introducing the Quality of High-End Residential Architects

There are architects, and then there are luxury residential architects. A high-end residential architect always focuses on designing homes that are both practical and a timeless statement of your existence. To this end, there must be a synergy between architect and client, which requires more than just the talent of drawing lines from the former.

Our Design Philosophy as Residential Architects in Melbourne

The synergy between client and residential architect that ultimately results in an impressive and award-winning home can only be achieved if both parties have the same philosophical outlook regarding the new house. We are both flexible and open-minded, but the salient points of our philosophy are summed up in these three points:

  • We have left the traditional mindset behind us and prefer innovative designs and solutions using modern, cutting-edge materials to achieve unique homes. We are continuously investigating new materials and construction techniques that push our designs into the next decade and define how homes will be built in the future.

  • Each house is an iconic expression of the family's place in the modern world and defines the character of its owner and inhabitants. We place great emphasis on designing homes that are functional, warm, and attractive at the same time. We want our clients to feel at ease in their home while at the same time knowing the house is an artistic expression of their lives through contemporary residential architecture.

  • We believe in ecologically sustainable development and follow the internationally recognised principles in all our designs. A low carbon footprint is achieved by incorporating energy retentive materials and designs in the overall project, minimising the reliance on grid power for heating, cooling and illumination.

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Our Project Methodology as Residential Design Architects

An architect's work is not limited to designing the perfect house but includes overseeing the entire building process. When building high-end homes, this is a vital aspect of the job that is easily neglected if the architect does not follow a strict project methodology.

  • Our policy is always to start with an in-depth conversation with the client to determine their own perception of the ideal house. We research the client's preferences for and against specific modern designs, providing us with a clear picture of their psyche and the expression of existence to be created among their contemporaries.

  • We understand the technical and financial constraints that may be attached to a project, especially where the building site offers engineering challenges. With every design project we undertake, it is vital to be accurate in projecting the cost of construction and keeping a firm hand on the construction process to keep contractors well within the budget.

  • We rigorously inspect all aspects of the design, especially where constraints necessitate the use of external engineers. Every drawing is reviewed and scrutinised, down to defining the specifications of bolts and concrete mixtures. We then regularly verify whether contractors are adhering to these specifications during the construction phase.

  • Positive feedback from the client, contractors, and our peers are of vital importance. Client reviews enable us to maintain our perspective and remind us that we are creating homes for people to live in and not grandiose works of art. There is little room for mistakes, even though each design must be unique and ultra-modern.

Our Award-Winning Houses in Modern Residential Architecture

We have won several prestigious awards for our contemporary architecture homes, but even so, we are particularly proud of these three examples of our work. Each home presented unique requirements that challenge residential design firms, both from the client and the chosen location, but we successfully created a cohesive outcome in each case.

  • Four Mile Beach House. The objective was to create a secluded yet luxury retreat within the tropical beach rain forest canopy. We conceived designing a hard shell on the outside, which features all the necessary amenities hidden on the inside. The design functions as a counterpoint to the more traditional architectural styles in the area without standing out as too different. Winner of the 2019 AIA FNQ Award for House of the Year.

  • The Edge. This house on the frontage of Four Mile Beach presented several design challenges that we overcame to the extent that we were awarded the 2015 AIA FNQ Building of the Year. These challenges included the steep slope and the requirement by the council that the building may not obstruct current views of the beach. We utilised a cantilever design to achieve the perfect living platform with an open view to the horizon.

  • The Stamp House. This home is a great feather in our cap. Located on 26 hectares of beachfront land in the Daintree and surrounded by a tropical forest, the whole design had to be entirely off-grid and carbon-neutral. The annual cyclone season was a major influencing factor, yet we achieved such a level of understanding between form and function that we received the 2014 AIA FNQ House of the Year award for our design.


About Charles Wright Architects

Charles Wright Architects was founded in 2004 by award-winning architect Charles Wright, who follows a hands-on approach to all projects that the firm undertakes for clients in the Melbourne area. Our peers in the architectural industry regard us highly here in Australia, and our designs have also achieved international recognition.

  • We also undertake work for other sectors, including healthcare, education, commercial offices and urban design projects. We consolidate function and art, as with the Cairns Botanic Gardens Council Offices. The objective was to merge the buildings with the gardens to become an international attraction in their own right.

  • We have dedicated offices in Melbourne and in Port Douglas, where we discuss their project's design and current state with clients in an open and friendly environment that reflects our design philosophy for a sustainable future.

Charles Wright Architects is at the pinnacle of residential architecture firms and your choice for an ecologically sustainable high-end home in the Melbourne area and elsewhere in Australia. Email us at to arrange an appointment.

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