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Resort Architect

Resort Architect Offers Inspiring and Enduring Design Qualities and Solutions

Our resort architect integrates ecologically sustainable development (ESD) principles into design solutions. We focus on present generation social, economic, environmental, and equity needs while enabling future generations to meet theirs. What we can we do for you?

What Sets Us Apart as Resort Design Architects?

We do research to find answers that will satisfy our clients’ specific site conditions, requirements, and venture needs.

  • We collaborate closely with all participants, including contractors and consultants, to create projects that exceed expectations. Our proactive, hands-on team oversees the entire process, starting with master planning and design workshops through detailed documentation and construction to deliver our developments on budget and deadline.

  • Our senior architect and his staff have collective experience in diverse fields. We supply exceptional design ability and experience in cultural schemes, new universities and other training and higher education environments, public and civic buildings, commercial and residential spaces, and healthcare facilities.

  • We work on urban design projects, laboratories, research facilities, create exceptional interior architecture, and design structures for holiday resorts and multi-residential developments.

  • View our Four Mile Beach house that won the 2019 Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) Far North Queensland (FNQ) Award for House of the Year. Our contemporary, private resort architecture plan blurs the threshold between interior and landscape under a large flexible folding roof that provides a secure, naturally ventilated space where people can dine, swim, entertain, and live. This private retreat offers gardens and cascading pools that extend into the surrounding rainforest and environment towards the sea.


We consider various aspects of the effect our buildings will have on the environment throughout their life cycle and take care to future-proof them for adaptation as needed by generations to come.

Our Beach Hotel Architecture and the Ever-Changing Climatic and Technological Environment

We cooperate with professional consultants and engineers to overcome possible environmental and other obstacles in the future and implement design process strategies from the very beginning of a project while focusing on helping our clients realise their goals.

  • Our team pays considerable attention to energy creation and usage, the heating and cooling of buildings, water storage and consumption, the carbon footprint, site impact, and interface. We aim to increase every community’s future quality of life, and our responsibilities demand conserving and enhancing the available ecological resources on which life depends.

  • The Australian industry recognises us for designing buildings that incorporate innovative responses to extreme tropical weather conditions plus cultural concerns involving user and client groups. We continuously pursue inspiring national and international built environment solutions to complex climate, societal, and artistic challenges and publish our insights and results.

  • Appoint us if you have resort design concept architecture in mind. Our Re-Newell design won the 2013 AIA Hayes & Scott Award for Small Architecture. The client asked for additions and alterations to an original beach cottage for the holiday rental market, catering to large extended families and supplying a low-maintenance, flexible space.

  • We left the original cottage intact but reconfigured the internal plan, added a new kitchen, a large outdoor deck that offers a modern, resort-style living room that opens to the pool and beach, and restored the street facade. We crafted large, open outdoor and indoor living and dining areas. You either enter a new or old house depending on whether you arrive from the beach or the street.

Our satisfied clients have properties in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. We have offices in Melbourne, Port Douglas, and Cairns.

Charles Wright Architects Offer Services Related to Hotel Exterior Design Architecture

Look through our site to view the diverse designs we have created for commercial, hospitality, residential, educational, cultural, and healthcare clients over the years.

  • Discover the Cotham Road Kew Commercial Office Façade in Victoria and the Hoglund ArtGlass Studio and Workshop in Central Otago, New Zealand.

  • The Cairns Botanic Gardens Council Offices in Queensland presents a mirrored frontage that reflects the encompassing gardens. The building includes low energy and low water usage fittings, stormwater harvesting thanks, mixed-mode air conditioning systems, and solar panels that feed power into the grid. The design won the 2012 Eddie Oribin Award for Building of the Year presented by the (AIA).

  • View an example of our multi-residential design in South Yarra, Victoria. The multi-level, high-end Grosvenor townhouse design incorporates layers of transparency that allow natural light in full measure. Fully glazed louvres and greenery offer privacy and integrate the building with an already established neighbourhood. A central well delivers light throughout all the levels, and an outdoor area, plants, and rooftop pergola bring a leafy garden ambience inside the building.


We use innovative specialist and technical resources to identify design, financial and construction restrictions and adjust them to reach an interconnected outcome. Contact us via email or give us a call so we can discuss your project requirements.

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