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Commercial Building Architect

Our Commercial Building Architect Will Take Your Idea and Turn It Into Reality

Have you purchased a piece of land with the intention of building on it for retail purposes? Perhaps you're a developer and want to construct an office park or residential property? We offer the services of a commercial building architect to bring your vision into existence.

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding Architectural Commercial Design

Not your conventional building designer, we provide commercial complex plans for architecture inspired by new ideas and methods to create an end product ahead of their time. Our industry-leading practice offers the following services to an individual or business representatives who appreciate the room for the imagination there is in architecture and aren't afraid to push boundaries:

  • Contemporary architecture. Our portfolio includes the futuristic Cotham Kew commercial building, where we have used bold geometric lines and modern building material.

  • What influenced The Cairns botanic gardens council offices instead is the natural world where we have created a seamless transition from the outside to inside, for a space that blends in with its environment. Our appreciation for the arts inspires the incorporation of highly expressive mediums such as art glass. Despite its size, one would not be able to spot The Hoglund art glass gallery and workshop from up high because it's been designed to look as if it's been carved into the earth.

  • Work closely with contractors. Although it may seem as if we have our heads in the clouds with our approach to building design, our team is very hands-on and driven to be part of the construction phase to see their work come to fruition.

  • Oversee design and constructions process. Part of our services is to workshop with our clients so that we're both on the same page. Once we have provided master plans and detailed documents, we collaborate with the different stakeholders to address any challenges and ensure that clients receive what they've paid for on time and within their budget.

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What Sets Charles Wright Architects Apart Regarding Commercial Architecture Design

We provide plans for modern commercial architecture and take part in the projects to monitor progress. These are some of the other ways in which we provide value to our clients:

  • Experienced. We have over 20 years of industry experience and are qualified to design universities, civic and public buildings, hospital facilities, commercial offices, urban design and multi residential properties. We have faced challenges where we've had to reconcile architectural design with existing roads, mature trees and gradients to create a harmonious end product.

  • Innovation. We have dealt with major projects where we have had to incorporate cutting-edge technical and specialist resources. We dedicate the time to research and development where we stay abreast of industry developments to incorporate technological advances into our service offering.

  • Sustainable design. We integrate Ecologically Sustainable Development principles in our practice and commit to providing design solutions that preserve natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint. We consider ways in which buildings can better use their water systems, such as stormwater harvesting. We also incorporate best practices for heating and cooling large areas through alternative energy solutions.

Why Trust Charles Wright Architects

We have received numerous awards for our commercial building architectural design, such as the 2012 MBA National Award. Apart from having been recognised for several residential architectural projects, we have won Building of the Year in 2012 and 2015 by the AIA. Our work has also been published in 21st Century Houses - 150 of the World's Best.


Contact us for visionary and conscious architecture.

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