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Cultural Architecture

Cultural Architecture, Keeping Our Heritage Alive

We take preserving our cultural roots and history seriously with all cultural architecture projects we’re involved in. Our designs express our country's cultural diversity and history while moving towards more modern and progressive solutions that will attract national and international attention and create new prospects and networks for existing communities and facilities. Our cultural design architecture also takes into consideration the environment and the purpose and use of the building.

What You Can Expect From Charles Wright Architects Regarding Cultural Building Design

Our building designs move away from conventional to more modern and progressive solutions that take the location, use, environment, and ecological sustainability into account. One can also apply our designs in other tropical regions - our work on the Malanda Falls Visitors Centre and Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre are examples of these types of designs. Both designs showcase the beautiful environment of their locations without detracting from the natural beauty surrounding them. With the Cairns Botanic Gardens, our design uses the gardens as camouflage for the building that blends in with the gardens and links to the Arts Centre. The Malanda Falls building attracts attention from the roadside, with the rest of the building nestled in the rainforest with numerous sheltered verandas, allowing visitors viewpoints of the rainforest and tree kangaroos and access to the trails leading to the waterfalls.

  • We work closely with the Council to ensure we understand and meet the brief for designs of all cultural buildings.

  • All of our projects incorporate Ecologically Sustainable Development initiatives such as mixed-mode air-conditioning systems that stimulate natural ventilation, the use of low energy light fittings, and plumbing fixtures and fittings that minimise water usage.

  • The design of our cultural buildings incorporates office use and mixed-use public areas and facilities constructed from locally sourced, durable materials.


Problems Charles Wright Architects Address

Our architectural designs and solutions focus on durability, practicality, iconic appeal, and ecological sustainability. We have experience designing and constructing buildings on steep gradients without removing or destroying mature trees, in areas with existing roads and easements, and many other challenges from our clients, the environment, and location.

  • We are constantly researching innovative, cost-effective, and environmentally positive architectural and construction methods that incorporate and utilise technology wisely.

  • We incorporate many solutions to reduce the energy used in a building, such as extensive sun-shading, treated solar windows. These layouts allow for cross-ventilation amplified by efficient ceiling fans, solar panels, and stormwater harvesting tanks.

  • When designing with the environment in mind, we look at the long-term and plan around the building’s appearance and its effect on the site, its carbon footprint, water usage and storage, internal heating and cooling systems, energy creation and use, and how it can accommodate changes in the future.

Fun Facts About What We Do

We are an innovative architecture team focusing on modern designs that are practical, ecologically sustainable and incorporate elements of the area’s cultural heritage. We work on residential and commercial buildings, cultural buildings, educational, research and health facilities, and resorts and multi-residential units.


Contact us when looking for a cultural architect with award-winning experience.

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