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Educational Building Architecture

By taking the concept of conventionality and turning it on its head, we have been able to cement our position in the Australian architectural design industry with ground-breaking concepts and beautiful structures. Our company seeks to incorporate functionality and aesthetics into all our educational building design projects by blending metal, concrete and timber to create structural pieces of art that push the envelope.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Educational Building Architecture

Our company consists of a multi-generational, diverse group of individuals who have been working their entire careers to turn concepts into realities. We do this by:

  • Utilising spaces as effectively as possible rather than wasting opportunities.

  • Shaping our designs according to the natural environment. By having the surrounding area accentuate our projects, we can blend our concepts with what nature provides.

  • Taking note of our clients and their customers’ needs.

TAS Exterior.jpg

Why Trust Us With Your Educational Building Design Project

Because we believe in mastering the craft of design, we incorporate aspects from commercial, residential, and cultural structural design projects, focusing on creating something memorable, unique, and, most importantly, functional.

  • Instead of solely working with contemporary design, we prefer to pay homage to timeless concepts.

  • With an expansive knowledge of construction materials, we do not limit our creative processes.

  • At Charles Wright Architects, we work with our clients and not only for them.

For structures that people will admire for decades to come, contact us for an assessment of your dream educational facility.

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